Day Two

Redesign | Reference Data Management: An Academic and Scientific Perspective

July 1 – 16:15 to 17:00pm

Katie Hughes

Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Katie Hughes

Juliane Schneider

Sage Bionetworks

Sage Bionetworks

About this session

Juliane Schneider and Katie Hughes will be presenting on two different perspectives of Research Data Management support.

If you have never handled data before you might think that you are not qualified to train students in data management. However, most of data management is common sense.

Katie Hughes will discuss the training that she provides postgraduate business students including a Lego activity that demonstrates the importance of metadata. She will conclude by discussing some of the issues that have arisen regarding ethics, GDPR compliance, and students collecting sensitive data.

Juliane Schneider will present her experiences as a Metadata Specialist for the Research Data Curation Program at UC San Diego, and her current work as a coordinator for research data submissions for Sage Bionetworks. She will talk about the need for metadata as a driver of reuse, how you get researchers to see you as a valuable collaborator, and what needs to happen to make true curation feasible within institutions in an increasingly grant-driven world where sustainability is not a priority.

About Katie

Before earning her MLIS degree at the University of British Columbia, Katie was the Senior Grants Administrator for a non-profit called Innovations for Poverty Action. With a focus on academic librarianship and scholarly communication, she is now ensconced as the UX/Research Support Librarian at the Cambridge Judge Business School. Katie spends most of her time supporting the distance learning students, trying to convince them that referencing is important. Katie is originally from New York but has spent several years moving back and forth between the US and the UK.

About Juliane

Juliane Schneider has had a library career spanning insurance to medicine, focusing on discoverability of resources, in whatever form they take. She specializes in metadata, ontologies, discovery, and effective collaboration with researchers. Currently, she is managing the research data submissions for Alzheimer’s Disease and mental disorders for Sage Bionetworks.

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